UK Teachers

schoolsWe are extremely proud of our home grown talent and it is important to us that you are happy with our service and feel well-matched with the roles and schools that we work with.

With the right match, our Teachers are motivated to work hard, and committed to creating the continuity and productive learning environment that’s so important for the pupils. 


If it is a permanent role that you’re looking for, we can certainly facilitate this.  Some of our candidates prefer the consistency and security of this option so we are happy to submit your CV to our clients and arrange an interview on that basis.

Long or short-term agency contracts

These contracts can be anything from a few weeks, to a full academic year and can often be the most popular choice for our Teachers.  With this option you get to enjoy a wide ranging experience of schools & roles which can really build up your skills.  These roles generally lead on to permanent employment further down the line too.

Daily supply

This is the most exciting side of supply teaching as you get to work on a short-term basis at a variety of schools in your local area.  This is flexible, temporary work, with no required notice period so many of our Teachers enjoy the variety that comes with it. If you find a school you love we will prioritise you for it and if it’s the opposite we will ensure you never go back.