teachersSecondary education is an important time within a child’s development, adding to the grounding and skills that they have received from their Primary education. The transition to a larger institution, really is a turning point and a memorable time in a child’s life. In addition to the compulsory subjects that are taught, this is the time they develop interests in other areas and begin to make choices and decisions that mark out the rest of their lives and potentially towards their future careers.

During their time in Secondary education, pupils will also change from child, to teenager towards becoming an adult. You are very different as a person at the end of your secondary school journey, whether this is 16 or prior to A-levels. It is an exciting stage to be part of but also holds great responsibility to all those involved  and are tasked with the development of pupils within this age group.

We supply staff to a range of secondary schools including academies, state schools, private schools, free schools, independent schools and international schools based both in the UK and abroad.

We offer positions and opportunities within schools all over the country, ranging from NQT placements at the start of a teacher’s career, through to experienced teachers, heads of departments and other SLT roles. So if you are looking for your next role or for someone to join your organisation, then we are in a strong position to help.